Sunday, 14 April 2013

What a Ding Dong!

A FEW thoughts on the whole Thatcher dying thing.

I was told a few years ago that "no matter what I thought of Thatcher, I HAD to respect her as a leader".

And so, on Monday, I saw the same arguments regurgitated ad nauseum on television, radio and Twitter.

I did not like her or respect her. Why should her death change that? I think she does not deserve the compassion that she single-handedly FAILED to show millions of others.

(Telling teachers you can't teach pupils about homosexuality? Are you fucking kidding?)

And the "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" fuss. I've read it described as sick, a disgrace and a stain on the charts.

It is none of these things.

It's a silly short song from a film made 84 years ago and is aimed at denigrating someone who left power 23 years ago. In terms of protest, it's hardly Emily Davison throwing herself under the king's horse, is it?

And yet, certain people have allowed themselves to get incredibly aerated by it and - while taking a break from frothing at the mouth - have told the rest of us that it *is* wrong.

It's crass certainly, but nothing worse than that.

My favourite outrage was: "What has society come to when this is allowed to happen?"... presumably the same "society" which Margaret Thatcher denied the existence of in the hallowed pages of Woman's Own in 1987.

How do we get past this?

I suggest that on Wednesday night, the nation - as one - sits down with a cup of tea, puts its feet up and decides that the best thing all round is to agree to disagree.

(Until Blair goes)